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No.3 Nam Pak Road, Ping Shan, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Tropical Fish: Hillstream Loach
Hong Kong Tropical Fish: Butterfly Pleco
Hong Kong Tropical Fish: Chinese Hi-fin Banded Shark
Tropical Fish: Blue Zebra - Kenyi
Tropical Fish: Dwarf Gourami
Tropical Fish: Ahli

Are you looking for aquarium freshwater ornamental tropical fish, goldfish or livestock supplier? Contact Yuen Fat Fisheries now!

We are one of the largest tropical fish, goldfish breeder and exporter in Hong Kong, China, with over 36 years' experience. Due to our experience and efforts, we have customers all over the world. Every weeks we send our fish to Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, North America and Australia. Our fish are well known for their outstanding quality, color, size, shape, health conditions and survival rate.

Our breeding farm with 2000 square meters is located at Yuen Long in the New Territories. It is the countryside of Hong Kong. In our fish farm, there are 1000 large tanks and 3000 small breeding tanks. We also have another farm in mainland China to ensure we can satisfy all the customers demand.

We can provide you Health Certificate of Fish on your request. If you want any kinds of tropical fish, goldfish or other freshwater livestock, please let us know. Yuen Fat Fisheries promise you excellent quality and competitive price.

  Hong Kong Real Bumble Bee ShrimpLemon Tetra
Bubble-Eye Goldfish
Red Oranda Goldfish
Red White Lionhead Goldfish
Red Cap Oranda Goldfish
Tropical Fish: Mottle Cory       Tropical Fish: Albino Cory
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