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No.3 Nam Pak Road, Ping Shan, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 24483517   Fax:
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Our Fish Farm in Hong Kong has 2000 s.q. meters
  • Our company has specialized in high quality tropical fish and gold fish for more than 36 years. Our breeding farm has 2000 s.q. meters.
Daphnia Fields
  • There are four daphnia fields. We feed our fish with daphnia. It makes fish become more colourful and healthy.
Fish Food - Daphnia
  • We gather daphnia every early morning and put it in bowls prepared for feeding the fish.
We use underground water to farm fish
  • One of our four wells. We use underground water to farm fish.
Pools for storing underground water
  • After bumped from wells by electric bump, underground water will be stored in a pool to purify.
Farm house
  • Farm houses are just like "green house" with temperature control. It is very important to keep the temperature warm in winter. Also, there is air-conditioning in summer.
We have 1000 large fish tanks
  • Large tanks are used for storing and farming fish.
We have 1000 large fish tanks
  • We have 1000 large tanks.
We have 3000 small breeding tanks
  • Small tanks are used for breeding fish.
We have 3000 small breeding tanks
  • We have 3000 small tanks.
Fish ponds
  • Fish ponds are used for farming gold fish.
Red Lionhead
  • Red Lionhead are swimming in a pond.
Gold fish pond
  • A Black Oranda will soon reach the hand size.
Red and White Oranda  ready to export
  • Gold fish are gathered and prepared to export.
Farm house for counting and packing fish
  • One of our farm houses is used for counting fish and packing fish.
Oxygen cylinders
  • Oxygen cylinders are used for packing fish.
Foam boxes for packing fish
  • Foam boxes are used for packing fish.
Ready to send
  • Fish will be sent to all the world through Hong Kong International Airport.

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